About me

First of all, thank you for having an interest in my blog and taking the time to read through it.

I’m a passionate environmentalist.

I’m a green dreamer.

And I’m an environmental champion.

And now I'm also writing for the Earth.

My three passions in life are: the environment, conservation, and education (Environmental Education can empower people). I am fully committed to conservation, environmental management and awareness, and solutions to geographical issues. I love to teach about the environment to raise awareness about our living earth, how to protect species, and what people can do to live sustainably. Education is definitely a great platform to do so.

I obtained an Environmental Management Degree, and thereafter I completed my BSc Geography Honors. I'm currently busy with an MSc Geography Degree. I have always been inquisitive about the natural world, how geographical processes work, how humans influence the environment, and what is been done to conserve our ecosystems. I’m passionately fascinated by the world around me and love to travel and explore new places to continuously broaden my geographical horizons.

With my Geography Honors and the accompanied knowledge, I was able to expand my academic horizons to better understand the world around me, and to find suitable solutions to everyday geographical problems. I am daily exposed to new, interesting, and relevant geographical information. Humans are irreversibly destroying the earth and, as an environmental steward, I am obliged to do my bit to save the world from further destruction. I’m using the problem-solving skills to my advantage and implement it in today’s numerous environmental issues and its solutions.

Awareness can also be significantly raised through writing and therefore this environmental blog is ideal for this purpose. I also hope that this platform will create the perfect opportunity to have my voice heard and to inspire other people to live with an environmentally friendly future in mind, too.

From a young age, I've always loved being in nature. As I grew older, I realized that if I want my children and my grandchildren to experience nature like I did as an inquisitive child, I must do everything in my power to protect our beautiful earth. 

I strive to continuously live by this green quote:

Source: The quotepedia
An overview of what this blog entails

Green Heart at Work commenced as a result of my love for Mother Nature and writing about important environmental issues. It is an up-to-the-minute blog that provides a great educational platform that focuses specifically on green issues and geographical phenomena, environmental education, and environmental terminology in order to raise green consciousness amongst people. I also strive to provide valuable tips to make small green changes in their everyday lives in order to achieve an environmentally friendly future. I also hope that it will inspire people to think critically about the natural world, to find adequate solutions to the geographical problems that we face daily. The goal is to bring interesting and educational information to the reader in order to find suitable solutions for global environmental changes.

So why ‘Green Heart at Work’? As I’m a qualified Environmentalist, I thought it would be a perfectly apt name to show people what I’m doing, both as a professional in the environmental field, as well as an avid green individual making environmentally sound choices. So therefore, I’m both personally and professionally a Green Heart At Work.

My Interests
I like to read as I love to broaden my environmental knowledge, and I especially like improving my photography skills as this is the perfect tool to capture beautiful nature moments. Nature has always been close to my (green) heart and whenever I travel, I have my camera right there with me to capture the perfectly splendid nature scene.

Please join me on this exciting virtual green journey. Take a giant leap for nature and remember to always live with an environmentally future in mind!

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